Gordon Rubber has the expertise and processes to take your prototype from a CAD drawing to a prototype to full production.  Our in-house engineers and technicians are equipped to formulate the ideal custom compound, identify the proper manufacturing process and create a precise mold as they work together to bring your products to life.

Our rubber prototyping process involves:

  • Evaluating and testing rubber formulations

    • Silicones
    • Fluoroelastomers
    • Fluorosilicones
  • Creating tooling and molds

  • Testing parts and products

  • Ensuring performance and quality

We can create preproduction samples and sales demo units based on your needs.  Whether you approach us with an idea or a fully engineered drawing, we can help you create a prototype at a cost-effective price on a schedule that works for you.

Contact Gordon Rubber at 203-735-7441 to discuss your next rubber prototyping project.