A Wider Marketplace Opportunity

Gordon Rubber was founded in 1949 by Al Mazur in Shelton, Connecticut. A seasoned veteran of the consumer rubber products market, Al saw an opportunity to move into more industrial applications to expand the breadth of clients that he could serve.

Al’s initial vision was simple: to build an industrial rubber products company that specialized in custom orders in smaller batch sizes with a focus on timely and personal service.

As a validation of his intuition for the opportunity, Gordon Rubber grew quickly during its first 10 years, building a solid client base that required two major expansions: first, a move from Shelton to our much larger, current location in 1960; and second, an expansion into our second building in 1970.

Honoring a Legacy

After a long and successful career, Al retired in 1985, turning the company over to his son Jay, a Chicago attorney and engineer. Jay continued in his father’s footsteps, maintaining the vision and mission of Gordon Rubber for more than two decades.

In 2007, Jay hired Jeff DeMayo as a sales associate, then promoted him to sales manager. Jeff spent eight years learning the business from the ground upĀ and was then asked by the Mazur family to assume the ownership and management of the company upon Jay’s passing.

Since 2015, Jeff has been working to cement the legacy entrusted to him by his former boss and mentor. “I’m honored to be trusted by the family with the legacy of what Jay and Al have accomplished,” he admits. “I’m excited to build on their success as I help to represent and realize the future of Gordon Rubber.”